Changes history

25 noiembrie 2018


- added offer summary with total offer value in the Roof Creator
- modificated steel roofing tiles algorithm: auto recognizing the starting module edge
- for the roofs created in the Roof Creator there is additional page in the PDF offer with 2D drawing and roof summary
- some fixes in the guttering system algorithms

12 noiembrie 2018


- added new algorithms for gutter systems calculation (version BETA)
- fixed minor bugs
- above the list of material layers added new panel with bottons for layers selection
- roof tiles - added parameter on context tab to set direction of assemble (from left or right)
- for the roof tiles and metal module tiles added centring button
- performance of drawing roof tile has been improved

15 octombrie 2018


- New sort order for the materials on offer printout; cover products first,than flashing and other products
- Introduced new algorithms for gutter system calculation (BETA version)
- User settings of main account has new text field printed on offer footer
- All product layers may be shown at once
- Creator adjustmets to support gutter system calculation

9 iulie 2018


- Fixing bugs
- New function sharing offer to other company users
- New actions on Materials tab. : Previous and Next edge, for selecting edges
- Fixing bug with printing PDF

18 martie 2018


- Covers 'Steel roofing tiles' and 'Trapezoidal sheets and panels' system will take into account vertical overlap while putting last column.
- Inusulation materials - new parameter which let you to set number of material layers.
- Fixed bub connected with not refreshing description of slope in points table column title.
- Fixed function of changing shape location. Up to now, vector was calculated always from first point. From today you can change coordinates of selected point.

7 ianuarie 2018


- Expanded site with FAQ help
- for roofings added new parameter - minimum slope

27 decembrie 2017


- Added product library option. Some popular products placed in the library you can download now into your own workspace without adding them manually.
- Products and product sets has new text field - manufacturer.
- Fixed bug while scalling drawings with rolls products.
- Fixed bug while introducing coordinates with high precision (with decimal separator)
- On the drawing canvas placed information about inclination

3 decembrie 2017


- After adding flashing for selected edges, program will unselect those edges
- Added functionality of verge roof tiles (left, right, eaves, ridge).
- Fixed bug while introducing coordinates with high precision (with decimal separator)
- Added posibility to changes default parameter values while optimizing flashings and accessories. Parameters are available on product tab.
- Extended functionality of base roof tiles.
- Added posibility to define first row position for roof tiles.
- For steel module roofing tile, added button to enable full module lenghts only mode. You will find this button on product tab. It calls "Full modules only".

6 noiembrie 2017


- Added autosave offeres option. To enable autosaving please go to account settings and set the interval.

29 octombrie 2017


- Fixed bug connected with rolls materials calculation
- Added posiblity of moving shapes with mouse. Double click on selected shape will unlock shape for moving. Drag shape and move it to new
- Fixed calculation %efficiency of metal roof tiles
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- In the status bar there is shown current cursor position

10 octombrie 2017


- In the flashing product definition we have added new parameter 'Product location'. You can set here what kind of flashing this product is (hood-like, gable-like, verge-like). For all existing products this parameter has been set as 'None'. Now you can set it for all your existing flashings as it should be.
- New option 'Product sets'. Option let you group products which are used together as a system. You can join here rooofing materials with flashing, membranes, acessories. This will let you to add all of them to your roof by clicking one button.
- New button "Add product set" on Materials tab, it let to you add all joined in system products at one click.
- On the tab "Materials" we have added option which let you to select edges of the kind (e.g. gable-like edges or verge-like edges)
- fixed some minor bugs

18 septembrie 2017


- New algorithm for optimization of insulation materials in panels (insulation panels, styrofoam)
- New algorithm for optimization of materials in rolls (foils, membranes, roofing felt)
- Fixed problem with rounding materials quantities set in product definition
- fixed some bugs in Roof Creator
- added new oneside roof
- for metal roofing tiles added on context tab 2 additional options : increasing and decreasing selected sheets to full module length
- fixed showing length of edges
- fixed bug with adding flashing on holes edges

2 august 2017


- Fixed GUI localization
- Extended page to manage subscriptions
- Fixed minor bugs
- Modifications to improve system security

4 iulie 2017


- Fixed bug while optimization of special dimensions of slopes
- Fixed GUI localization
- Fixed bug in selection edges function
- Standardizing decimal separator
- New function of changing coordinates Y between real dimension and horizontal projection

25 iunie 2017


- Fixed bug connected with rounding cutted steel tiles.
- New option Price List. Click on your email address printed on main menu and select Price list option. You will be able to input default sales prices of Your products.
- Fixed bug while changing sheet measure of cutted steel tiles. Number of modules were not refresh.
- Fixed bug in the function of changing shape location when slope had defined % of inclination and coordinates were below 0.
- Slope of inclination printed in document navigator near to slope name.

4 iunie 2017


- New tool for searching point coordinates basing on neighbour edges length. How to use it you will find out by watching video. link
- Screen canvas scale will be now adjusting dynamically while drawing.
- Some minor fixes especially in modyfing coordinates function

21 mai 2017


- New parameters for steel roof tiles, which let to set cover margin. For example, setting upper marin to 70mm, system will not add last upper sheet row if to the top remain 70mm or less. This rule regards to all margines. Margin set as a value below zero, will calculate reserve e.g. at the roof eaves.
- ID of sheet printed for steel roof tiles will be printed only on not full sheet.
- Assembly drawings on PDF has been centered.
- Fixed bug of rounding sheets of steel roof tiles.
- Fixed bug of rounding acessories.
- Updated dimensional specyfication on offer, ID of sheets will be printed starting from 1 (not from 0 what was up to now)
- Added hint tooltip with information about selected sheet.
- Some minor fixes of user interface
- Added 3 new shapes to repository.
- While adding roofing material, double click on selected material will add it. It is not necessary to click OK button.
- Fixed bug while showing selected edges length on Material tab.

7 mai 2017


- new parameter for steel roof tiles, which let to set minimum percent of coverage. If you set e.g. 20%, system will place sheets only if it used in minimum 20%.
- fixed minor bugs

3 mai 2017


- new functions to make file copy and rename
- fixed bug while trying to save offer using existing name
- changed default offers sequence: now by creation date (before was by modification date)
- upgraded optimization algorithm for steel roof tiles assembled alternatelly from right
- fixed minor bugs

23 aprilie 2017


- fixes in the algorithm for steel metal tiles and trapez and panels materials
- fixed bugs on offer PDF in case of more than one roof on offer
- modified cutting list on PDF: lengths specification in descending order (from longest to shortest), new column with measure No.
- availability to select bands X i Y with using mouse on drawing
- fixed bugs in option to set shape (hole or window) location when defined slope
- while making a copy roof sides (roof slopes) changed rule of naming them (1), (2)...)
- fixes in dimensioning drawing while coordinates less then 0
- in the roof slopes (roof sides) library, ENTER key passes to next text box
- added new action with reading workcopy offer
- fixed bug of refreshing grids when there is more than one roof on offer

11 aprilie 2017


- fixed bug when trying to delete points
- modified option to adding flashings, now we can select more than one edge
- Lithuanian localization added

6 aprilie 2017


- some new features for horizontal and vertical bands creation
- fixed bugs while drawing roof flashings,
- changed default optimization scope, up to now Optimize button by default was making optimization for all roof sides. To change scope, you had to change it on the context menu from All to Slope1. Starting from now, the default scope concers current slope (not All).

3 aprilie 2017


- some corections in Roof Constructor in option bands X and Y
- modified function of drawing shapes, added possibility to input absolute coordinates (od 0,0) and relative coordinates (according to last point)
- minor fixes in application localizations
- on the PDF, assembly drawings are printed without borders
- in Roof Constructor on each shape endge added dimension unit of measure

22 martie 2017


- we fixed bug of showing vertical scroll bar on offer lines grid
- fixed bug of calculation roofing modular roofing tiles
- fixed bug while generating PDF from Roof Creator

12 martie 2017


- size of sheets dimension label printed on assembly drawings section of PDF are much more smaller,
- we fixed problems with scalling assembly drawings in PDF offer
- repaired bug while calculating roof workings in running meters
- on the assembly drawing in PDF, on each edge is printed dimension
- in Roof Constructor added new funtion that let to localize selected shape. Function is very useful when trying to set position of window holes. How to use it you will see while watching video available after clickink link:
- added new function to window holes creation, click to see watch video with manual how to use it
- some minor fixes
- Mozilla Firefox is not supported by Roof Constructor. The newest browser Firefox 52 has disabled plugins Silverlight and Java.

19 februarie 2017


- new tool "Manual edition" in the context tab of "Metal tiles" . How to use it you will find watching this video. link
- fixed some minor errors

14 februarie 2017


- new tool "Manual edition" in the context tab of "Trapezoidal sheets and panels" . How to use it you will find watching this video. link
- fixed some minor errors

1 februarie 2017


- fixed bugs with showing some captions in foreign localization
- in the status bar there are new buttons with arrows which let to you to move canvas
- fixed problem with saving files with comma included in file name
- modified ceramic tiles algorithm, slope flipped vertical material was not correctly calculated
- fixed bug in merging function for trapezoidal sheets assembled horizontally

28 ianuarie 2017


- System is now localized into slovak language
- In the roof constructor on metal tile ribbon added merge sheets function and new textbox to serial change selected lengths. You should select some sheets, input new length into textbox press ENTER key.
- Introduced imperial measure system. Now you can input roof dimensions in inches. At first you should changes measure system in the account settings.
- In the valuation list apeared new column 'Offer number'. All offers have own numer which is automatically incremented for each user.
- Fixed some bugs in roof constructor : in the flashings selection window, with drawings texture after offer editing. It was also problem with showing some edge dimension.
- Copy slope function is currently copying also data about added products .
- Complemented missing localization in Czech, Romanian and Hungarian
- Fixed login process. When Google, Facebook or Microsoft account is trying to login local way has proper information that he should use appropriate button.

29 decembrie 2016


- On the account settings pages added possibility to change default currency
- Complemented missing localization in English, Czech, Romanian and Hungarian
- In the Valuation module, the default filter is now set as 'In preparation'
- In Roofs constructor, on tab 'Cutting list' added information about roofing area based on effective and total width

20 decembrie 2016


- New feature that let export sheet lengths into XML with the same format as in RS Roofs4
- Fixes in 'Trapezoid roofings' textures
- Changed way of printing 'ID' of each sheet for steel modular tiles. Currently are printed horizontally.
- Complemented missing help pages
- Complemented missing localization in English
- Fixes in "Buy" option.
- Renewed some old screen pictures in help pages

8 noiembrie 2016


- In print offer, we changed specification format. Measures are currently printed in verically with 16 lines in column.
- Roof Constructor: while choosing materials , we added field which allows to seek product by name.
- New algorithm for calculation roofing tiles. Added support for a new kind of coverage that allows you to calculate roof tiles, concrete etc. The current version calculates the basic tiles. In future versions will also support left and right tiles.
- Help topics has been localized into english
- Minor visual changes in the system
- Roof Constructor: for metal tiles added information on drawings about quantity of modules
- Fixed text fields X Y to enter the coordinates slope. On the screens with low resolution, these fields was not fit on the screen.
- Added texture for cover sheets. Texture for metal tiles has drawed end module line.
- Valuation list. Extended view form with offer details (RS Roofs5 - Valuations - Actions - Details)
- Rebuilt the "Discover RS Roofs". Now it will be easier to find a guide with interesting topic.

16 octombrie 2016


- Added filter in products list, now archived products are not listed in the default view
- Roof constructor module has been optimized for manual tracts entry using keyboard. How to input data using new method please see the film. link
- Selected point in the coordinates table is shown on the drawing.
- On the offer printout adjusted scale to make tracts drawings much clear
- Czech localization added
- Romanian localization added
- Hungarian localization added
- In the Roof constructor while drawing new tract (roof slope), you can hold CTRL button to disable changing coordinates wiht mouse move

3 octombrie 2016


- Fixed bug with remind my password
- In the roof constructor, for metal tile there is new text box in the context ribbon which let you to change selected sheets length.
- Products module - fixed fields validator
- Fixed carusel showing last added films in option Discover RS Roofs5"
- Completed missing english localizations
- Extended Roof Creator. On the fourth step system calculates edge lenghts splited to hoods, basket, ridge etc
- Valuation list sorted descending. The newest valuations are now on the top of the list
- Fixed sheet description on offer printout. Now its clear even if the tract is quite big.
- Added sheets area on the printout
- Save an Open function has been optimized. Currently those operations run much faster.
- In the roof constructor module added new function to change tract slope

4 septembrie 2016


- New feature- Roof Creator. New module let to create typical roof valuation in few minutes. Roof Creator works also on tablets and smartphones. Ones roof is created it can easily edited in RS Roofs5. link
- Added 5 projects into 'Roofs library'
- Completed missing translations in English system version

21 august 2016


- Nowa funkcja dla materiału Blachy Trapezowe i Panele. Wprowadzono możliwość naprzemiennego łączenia arkuszy (na suwak). Mechanizm stosowany jest między innymi dla pokryć na rąbek stojący. Użycie funkcji zaprezentowano na filmiku link
- Ulepszono funkcję rysowania kształtów.Jeśli podczas rysowania trudno precyzyjnie dopasować współrzędną wierzchołka (różni się o 1 czy 2 cm) można użyć klawiszy strzałek (góra,lewo,dół,prawo) aby idealnie określić współrzędne wierzchołka.
- Uzupełniono tematy pomocy
- Dodano do pomocy materiał szkoleniowy, który krok po kroku wyjaśnia cały proces tworzenia oferty. Materiał jest dostępny pod linkiem #">link
- Uzupełniono brakujące lokalizacje programu dla wersji angielskiej

7 august 2016


- Usunięto błąd przy rejestracji użytkowników, gdy w adresie email były znaki minus lub podkreślenie
- Dodano panel startowy z linkami do najczęściej używanych akcji oraz ze statystyką ofert
- W edytorze oferty, na zakładce materiały, na każdej krawędzi kształu wprowadzono rzeczywisty wymiar krawędzi
- Uzupełniono tematy pomocy
- Nowe filmiki w multimedialnej pomocy "Poznaj RS Dachy5"

3 iulie 2016


- Dla pokryć "Blachy trapezowe i panele" wprowadzono funkcję zmiany długości dla zaznaczonych arkuszy. Funkcja pozwala zmienić rozmiar arkusza nawet jeśli nowy rozmiar przekracza wartość dopuszczalną (na ekranie pojawia się ostrzeżenie). Kliknij aby zobaczyć filmik na którym pokazano nową funkcjonalność.link
- Przebudowano repozytorium dachów. Wprowadzono możliwość definiowanania nachylenia dachu według stopni, procentu spadku oraz w oparciu o rzeczywistą długość połaci. W nowym repozytorium dachów rysunek poglądowy zmienia się dynamicznie, pokazując jak będzie wyglądał dach. Kliknij aby zobaczyć filmik na którym pokazano nową funkcjonalność. link
- Nowa funkcja kopiowania połaci link
- Przebudowano widok listy wycen. Dodano statusy dla wyceny, za pomocą których możemy zaznaczyć, które oferty zostały już wysłane/dostarczone do klienta a które zakończyły się sprzedażą.Dodatkowo na liście ofert umieszczono dane klienta co ułatwi identyfikację ofert.
- Nowe filmiki w multimedialnej pomocy "Poznaj RS Dachy5"

1 iunie 2016


- Dla pokryć "Blachy trapezowe i panele" wprowadzono nowy sposób łączenia arkuszy. Dla istniejących metod "od najdłuższych" oraz "proporcjonalnie" wprowadzono trzecią metodę "wg linii podziału. Użytkownik może określic przedziały X (słupy) lub Y na których ma być łączenie blach. Opcja szczególnie przydatna przy ofertowaniu paneli elewacyjnych. link

18 mai 2016


- W module produktów poprawiono stronicowanie oraz dodano filtr na rodzaj produktów
- W edytorze wycen poprawiono błąd przeliczania pomiędzy cm/mm w opcji repozytorium kształtów
- Edytor wyceny : uzupełniono brakujące opisy ikon na listwie opcji
- W ustawieniach konta wyświetla się aktualne logo firmy drukowane w nagłówku oferty
- Dla konta głównego dodano nowy moduł do zarządzania użytkownikami, kodami rejestracyjnymi. Użytkownik główny ma teraz możliwość przenoszenia kodów rejestracyjnych między użytkownikami
- Dla każdego produktu można dodać link do specyfikacji technicznej oraz załadować obrazek produktu
- W module Produkty dodano funkcję kopiowania produktów
- W module wycen dodano opcję szczegóły, która wyświetla podstawowe informacje o wycenie bez potrzeby jej otwierania
- W edytorze wycen, produkty są teraz wyświetlane w porządku alfabetycznym
- Na wydruku oferty w nagłówku drukują się dane z ustawień konta (dane sprzedawcy)
- Poprawiono wyświetlanie okien w niższej rozdzielczości (1360x768)
- Usunięto znak wodny na wydruku oferty dla kont w wersji PEŁNEJ
- Przy wydruku oferty użytkownik może wybrać, które sekcje mają zostać wydrukowane
- Poprawiono błąd przy rysowaniu otworów wychodzących poza obręb krawędzi połac
- Poprawiono opcję przyciągania arkuszy dla dla blach trapezowych i paneli
- Dodano multimedialną pomoc dla użytkowników. Na filmikach instruktażowych pokazano sposób użycia funkcji systemu (ilość multimediów w tej opcji będzie sukcesywnie dodawana)

25 aprilie 2016


- Poprawiono błąd przy wysyłaniu emaili po resecie hasła
- Poprawiono opcję "Zapamiętaj mnie" przy logowaniu.
- W ustawieniach konta w wersji pełnej dodano sekcję z informacją o zarejestrowanych kodach rejestracyjnych wraz z datą wygaśnięcia
- Dla pokryć liczonych według algorytmu "Blachy trapezowe i panele" przy ustawionej opcji "Montaż w poziomie" usunięto błąd przy optymalizacji powierzchni z otworami.
- Dla pokryć "Blachy trapezowe i panele" na listwie z opcjami produktu można zmieniać montaż pionowo / poziomo.

10 aprilie 2016


- W module produktów wprowadzono wyszukiwarkę
- Wydruk oferty-poprawiono sortowanie specyfikacji wymiarowej

3 aprilie 2016


- Poprawka w funkcji importu połaci z RS Dachy4. Funkcja umożliwia obecnie import również ze starszych wersji programu RS Dachy.
- Dodano pole podsumowania wartości oferty na wydruku.
- Poprawka wyliczania efektywności dla pokrycia modułowego wyliczanego w sztukach na zakładce "Lista wymiarowa"
- W module "Produkty" wprowadzono usprawnienia dla wersji PEŁNEJ nie pokazują się już produkty DEMO, zamiast przycisków pojawił się przycisk akcji.
- Uzupełnienie tematów pomocy.
- W edytorze wycen przebudowano zakładkę kontekstu dla produktów modułowych.
- Usprawnienia funkcji rysowania połaci. Zmodyfikowano przyciąganie do siatki, które obecnie ułatwia rysowanie linii o pełnym wymiarze pełnych metrów.
- Usunięto problem w funkcji łączenia arkuszy
- W niektórych polach tekstowych kursor był niewidoczny. Usunięto tą niedogodność.

20 martie 2015


- New function of merging sheets for the trapez and panels materials.
- Usufull managing sheets function on assembly drawing. Moving or resing sheets snaps to adjacent sheets.
- New pricing method for Modular roofing tiles. You can use price per unit now.
- Some minor adaptations in Valuations module because of mobile devices.
- Completed help topics.

6 martie 2015


- Trapezoidal product algorithm has new parameter "Assemply plane" which let you to assembly sheets vertical or horizontal.
- New option "Whats new" in menu Help. Here you can read about software changes.
- Introduced "Print date" field on the offer printout

28 februarie 2015


-Fixed error in roof repository.
-UI improvement.

23 februarie 2015


- New function while drawing new shape. Holding SHIFT while drawing points system will help you to draw horizontal and vertical lines.
- Completed help topics.

19 februarie 2015


- For roofing products, introduced sheets moving function left / right with also with not covered margin. It let user to accept free space without roofing on left side or right.
- While creating new products added short algorithm description, which help to understand way of working.

10 februarie 2015


- RS Dachy localized to English.
- New product calculation algorithm OTHER. It lets to define additional products, which can be added manually to offer by user.

28 ianuarie 2015


- Fixed error while deleting shapes point.
- Fixed bug while printing additional offer variants.

26 ianuarie 2016


- Introduced some UI improvements.
- Now, you can use your Facebook account to register and login.

20 ianuarie 2016


- Added new tool to inputing shape coordinates using keyboard only.
- Fixed minor bugs

15 ianuarie 2016


- Local acounts needs to be confirmed by email.
- Slope inclination for shapes inserteod from Shapes repository
- Introduced default parameter values while creating new products.